Monday, April 17, 2017


Has anyone looked back at their last 5 weeks and realized you have no idea what happened. Yeah that's me. Which is too bad because I bet we did some pretty cool stuff.

My wonderful mother sent me a sweet package this week. There was some good chocolate in them eggs ;).

In other news Gordman's went out of business and so they are closing all the stores here... so we had to go and buy stuff before it was all gone. But we were to late. They pretty much only had boring clothes there or super weird so we didn't get too much... 

But hey our ward mission leader loves golf and he is going to take us to the country club that he is a member of either next week or the week after. Its going to be sweet. Its a super nice course and so we will have a ton of fun I'm sure. Not to mention he's like super hilarious. so that's a plus.

As far as Investigators go, we met with one of our sweet investigators this last week. Her name is June. We have taught her like 3 times. She is like a religion fanatic. She studies anything and everything; shes like in some bible classes for a college and just enjoyed everything about religion. We gave her a book of Mormon 3 weeks ago and she has been reading and has some of the most studious questions. Like I wouldn't even ask them... and ive read it like 20 times... But the other cool thing is she lives right by one of our members. So hopefully they will be able to help June continue to learn the gospel.

This week will be our Zone Training week. Which will be fun. I'm going to make a cake because its my missionary birthday that day! so that's kind of fun.

For future notice, next week our P-day will be on Tuesday. We have a temple trip and so they move our p-day because the trip is supposed to be on p-day but the temple isn't open on Mondays. So yeah don't expect an email from me on Monday next week !

Love you all!
Elder Carter

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