Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday P-Day?

Its super weird that today is P-day. I feel like we are being disobedient... But hey no worries. I'm excited to go to the temple in a couple three hours :)

So We had a super sweet zone training meeting this last week. It was great. Learned some sweet techniques and we are going to be using them for the rest of ever. Its always a good time to learn from other great missionaries! Oh and I also made a cake. It turned out pretty good I think. Atleast that's what everyone said so maybe they just didn't want to hurt my feelings? Who knows.

This next week is going to be crazy. Today is p-day, Tomorrow is exchanges and District meeting, and Thursday is Interviews with the mission president. So it'll go by super fast I'm sure. And before you know it I'll be right back here emailing from the same library. Good times

Rest In Peace to my Childhood dog. He was a great Dog and always chose my brothers room when he had to go to the bathroom. I appreciated that and he will definitely be missed by me and my family. His legacy will be survived by Nala.

I know that we are going to go bowling today so ill let you know if I won or not. Its kinda weird because only our zone has p-day today and so there isn't a lot of missioanries to do things with like a normal p-day... so no basketball for us. But no worries.

Yours Truly!

ELder Carter

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