Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Car dealer or...?


We had interviews this last week and it was pretty awesome! I always enjoy getting insights from President Gardner. He helps me see how to become a better leader.

Every Thursday we volunteer at a place called the food bank. We basically repackage dry pasta and whatnot. but anyways they have a record for most pasta packed an hour. And the 3 elders and i SMASHED the record. We deserve a plaque or a trophy. We beat groups with like 10-20 people. Boom.

So we got a referral from some other elders on Wednesday for someone they ran into on the streets. So we decided that we would go see him on Thursday night. When we stopped by, he opened the door in his boxers and then told us to come back into the backroom with him. So we followed him back and he had two bottles of vodka open and was chugging them down. He also had like a bunch of hundreds just chillin there too. He had 2 gold chains on his neck and 3 gold rings and 2 gold bracelets So we like started to share the message of the restoration, and he was kinda into it but i could tell he was a wee bit intoxicated. Then he started telling us about his own business. A "car" dealership. He said that he travels to Texas and Florida to pick up "cars". and sell them. From his home...
we were like yeah.... car dealership... Texas and Florida... border states... car dealership. cool.
Then he went off about how we should stop doing missionary work and get in school. He said it was way more worth it to get school done. So yeah i'm going to listen to the drunk gangster and come home and start my school!
or not

There is a new recent convert that we met with on Saturday. soon after his baptism, his family disowned him and doesn't talk to him. And then his roommate kicked him out of his house. So he is literally living out of his car right now. But through all of it...he is strong in the gospel. He is unfazed by the adversity. It was a real example to me. I'm glad I don't have to endure nearly anything like him. He is a great guy.

Well I love you all!

Elder Carter

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