Monday, July 31, 2017

Zone Conference #100 (or something like that i can't remember how many its been...)

Well hello there family. 

We had another Great Zone Conference today. President did ask us to do a training but we ended up running out of time. We spent A long time talking about how we can prepare for the upcoming apostle visit. It will be announced tomorrow who the apostle is going to be. I'm super excited, and hopefully we will be able to have a great experience.

We went on exchanges this last week and I went with elder Kane (the big guy in the red polo). We had a great time! We did get stuck in traffic for 45 minutes. but it was alright. 

We also had maybe one of the greatest dinner appointments of all time. It was complete laughter the whole time. 
At one point i was trying to poor some ranch on my salad, and it wasn't coming out... so elder Kane grabbed the ranch bottle and said I'll help. Then he squeezed it and the whole top came off and ranch covered my entire place... literally. It was hilarious. 

They had baked potatoes so I was dipping it in the ranch to get it off my plate... and then one time I dipped it and i said beep as I was dipping it. The girl across from me like stopped... and was like... Wait did you just beep? 
Dang... I've been caught. I thought no one was paying attention.

I've been making my own sound effects for the last while just to add some spice into normal life and no one has said anything about it.

Elder Kane and I did have a pretty sweet miracle too. So we were walking on the street to go and see a potential investigator and this car pulled up next to us and waved us over... already a good sign. And then she said are you the missionaries in this area? We said yeah and she said that she had just moved from California and she is a member but her husband is not and she wants him to take the lessons! So we set up a time to go see them and then invited her to come to church on Sunday as well! And She and her husband came! So that was pretty sweet.

On Saturday, we were trying to find a less active lady that showed up to church in another ward... but she was actually in our ward. Anyways we went to the address and she came out of the garage. She was having a rough time because she had to kick out her daughter out of her house and was in a rush because she was going to rent out the basement of the house so she could afford the house still. She needed to do a lot of work but there was no way that she could have gotten it done in time. So we said ok... we will be back in 30 minutes with better clothes and we will help you get everything ready. We came back and painted the whole basement and helped her get it all done for the renter to come. I was happy that we could serve her... especially because she needed it so badly. 

We went golfing today! It was such a good time. There is this baby par 3 course that is super cheap. We borrowed some clubs and hit some golf balls around a big lawn. I did pretty alright for not golfing for quite a while. Idk what i was doing but man i was hitting the ball wayyyy farther than normal... its probably all them weights! I got second place... but in golf balls found, I was 1st! Found 7 golf balls. score one.

Love you all!

Elder Carter

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