Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pioneer Day!!!

Today is quite the historic day for the west. Pioneer day!!!! huzzah for Utah. I guess it kinda relates to us... because we are the trail... but there is no celebration here... I think the trail center does something for it though. so thats cool.

But in other news!!! My Splendid mother had her 29th birthday again! Happy birthday mom! you're the best even though you can't read my email right now :) Hope you had a wonderful day and you got some sweet gifts!!!

This week has really been pretty good :)

On Thursday we had our district meeting but it was pretty random. We had to change the time because there was a bunch of conflicts... so we did it at a random time and a random building. And there was like 2 guest companionships that came because they couldn't go to theirs. So there was legit 11 sisters and elder finicum and i. It was interesting. I think that the training went okish. Not my best for sure. But it was fine.

We also taught a sweet guy named Como. He just moved to the U.S. from a small country in Africa. He was a nice guy but we didn't get to talk with him too much.

Then on Sunday night we were out knocking on doors and it was getting late. So we didn't have much time to find. But We went up to one house and then a lady opened up the door and said hi! you guys can come in if you want!
We didn't even have to say anything. She didn't know who we were or why we were there but she let us right in.
Then we talked to her for a little bit and found out that she has really been trying to build a relationship with God but she didn't know how. 

We shared the restoration with her and it was a powerful lesson. We are going to go back on Tuesday and teach her more.

This week we have Zone conference! We don't have to give any trainings for it. Unless he gives us a surprise training? But i doubt it!

Love you all!
Elder Carter

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