Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Week of Champions

Man this week has probably been one of the best weeks of my whole mission. Just packed with tons of fun stuff and good times with other peeps.

So on Monday last week we did go to the zoo! saw a ton of sweet animals. by far the best was the penguins though. Then we went and played some minigolf at this sweet course. Its called Prehistoric Putt and it is like legendary. The holes are just wild sometimes. And to make it all better... i took 1st place. Bringin' in the gold for good ol' Idaho.

Then on Tuesday we had another MLC. We received some training about how to help others (including ourselves) Study better. It was super duper awesome. President Gardner Gave us some tips about how to study and what to study and pretty much everything we need.
Then after the meeting all the leaders went to President Gardner's house and had a fantastic Barbecue. They set up a volley ball net and there was a basketball hoop too. There was a tennis court just down the street too so we went and played around a little bit. But most of the time was spent playin bball and hangin out with each other. But man some of the sisters are pretty good at basketball. They could hang with the elders. It was so much fun.

Then we had a 2 district meetings. I gave a training for one of them... it was about  the Holy Ghost vs the Light of Christ. I think it went pretty average. Not my best but its all good.

Then on Thursday we had a meeting with the stake presidency to see how we could increase the missionary efforts in the stake. We discussed a lot of good things and gave us some direction on how they would like us to help our stewardship and the members. They have really been putting a huge push on the Sacrament, rightly so, so we will be focusing on that with members.

Today is a much more relaxed p-day. We aren't playing basketball because most other missionaries have a temple trip. So we are just chillin and playin some boardgames. Good times.

Well love you all! don't melt from the heat.

Elder Carter

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